Point of views

Adapting sales messages and negotiating tactics to your buyer?

How to get across to your client with your win themes?

If played out well you will have an extraordinary opportunity to differentiate.  As complex pursuits will be made by a group of decision makers you would need a set of win themes to be leveraged in the meetings you will run course of the bid process.


As an example a “Logical” client will be asking for confirmation you have understood them correctly, how you address risks and mitigation plan, control and visibility into your undertakings, and process/tools are in place.


What can be done better?

A structured way to classify your client contacts according to personal styles that you feel comfortable with will help you and speed-up your ability to develop the appropriate sales messages.   A way to develop your classes would be to define the classes according to : 1.  How the person balance between asking question and telling 2.  If the person has a need to  be in charge  of the situation/meeting or if the person is emotional.   Examples of personal styles:   Logical – want to be right, serious, exacting   Likable – want to be liked, supportive dependable, open Dynamic –  strive to succeed, independent, dominating and  practical.  Animated  –  want to be admired, perceived as forceful, and from time to time impulsive.


Are you successful in building trust?

Check-out the ego when approaching your client. You will be better of if you you leverage the first contact to assess the first impression.  The “Logical” person can come across as self-oriented in their search of facts and numbers. Not be willing to move on before they got the answers.  The “Likeable” is soon to test if you are reliable and someone they are able to trust.   Where the “Dynamic” do want to understand you are on their level of expertise and will be able to make them successful.  An “Animated” person would like to understand you are sincere and showing them the respect they perceive they should be regarded with.

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