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Is there a fast path to establishing strategic partnership?

If you consider becoming a strategic partner to your clients, most likely you will have to make investments to be able to provide and sell value added services.  The path to get there is of course different for every situation and vendor.  However  sharing a few thoughts that hopefully makes your journey as smooth as possible.

  1. Aligning culture and incentives with the new strategy will be key to get momentum for the change.  Identifying and promoting the good examples will drive positive energy to accommodate the change. Examples could be arrange sales competitions where new type of services promoted.
  2. Assessment of current product portfolio to identify potential to find new offerings that can be developed to value added services
  3. Enhancing and strengthen the partner network will enhance your ability to provide differentiated and value added services to your client.

To be selected as strategic partner typically requires early opportunity engagement which if not management properly will result in high business development cost.  Hence if not already in place governance, processes and defined roles for all involved in pursuits needs to be established.

What´s your experience in establishing strategic partnerships?

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