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We are facing increasing challenges as globalisation and technology trends are creating an ever changing competitive landscape. Offering superior products and services is not enough to stay ahead of competition.

The changes urge for increased ability to integrate new services and expand IT services delivery networks. Which is key for driving innovation through implementation of disruptive technologies. A strategy for Digital Resilience will be key for the journey improving Risk Management, Business Continuity, IT Security and Disaster Recovery capabilities.

By working all aspects of Digital Resilience you will be better in responding to external and internal threats. Most importantly pro-activeness and prevention will limit the consequences of a crisis.

Actensa is able to perform assessments and analysis for design and /or implementations to improve your Digital Resilience. True Resilience is achieved when it is integrated to your company strategy, organization, processes, applications, infrastructure and security improvement programs.

Regulations in all industries but specifically in financial trade are ever increasing which implies for through work in bringing all aspect of Know Your Client together. Business Opportunities will be lost should the process to assess the client be to slow and complex. Further clients should only be requested to provide same information once to avoid unnecessary administration.

However, all the investments and improvements you make in Digital Resilience and Know Your Client should result in tangible and measurable outcomes. Hence Actensa has developed a methodology to help you increase your sales while reducing cost for business development. We believe Actensa is uniquely positioned to help you drive value from your investments.

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