Client Credential : Operational Risk Program

Client Introduction

The client is one of the leading global banks, operating in more than 20 countries, with base in the Nordics. The institute has nearly 12 000 employees. Providing full set of financial services, for its corporate and private clients, at an value of over 40 bSEK per year.

Risks reduction reaching acceptable levels

The start for the engagement was an analysis identifying risks and weaknesses in payment services provided to its large corporate clients. Based on the analysis the recommendations was formed into a program for which Actensa was brought in to help shaping the program and starting the risk mitigating iniatives. By developing a set of guiding principles, system documentation and governance improvements the risk exposure and key personnel dependencies has been reduced.
Migrating from obsolete communication protocols established with clients(and external parties) has minimized the exposure of critical infrastructure components.

Reinforcing LCM of security and infrastructure components has further strengthen the proactive security fences for the benefits of the banks clients. Thorough analysis of key infrastructure components has resulted in a better understanding of actual risk exposure based on insights gained through the several assessments run by the program. As a consequence by the implementation, of the measures mentioned above, significant risk reduction was gained.

Actensa provided values

Given the complexity and broad set of infrastructure components needed, for delivering the service, the program has interacted with a large portion of the bank. Hence the program manager needed to managing a wide range of stakeholders (i.e. senior management and technical specialist) which implied high demand on facilitation and communication skills.

A broader understanding of current risk exposure for the service escalated to the senior (including CIO) steering committee to catalyst improvement activities in the line organization. The program also suggested improvements for the banks operational risk assessment and process.

Client sponsor says:

The Actensa Program Manager has been showcasing passion, commitment and drive for getting the program meeting it´s goals. Always acting professional, transparent and flexible in order to build trust with the best intent of the program in mind.

Client CIO  :  The Program needs to keep the operational risks under strict control,  envision the Woody game at Gröna Lund.