Point of views

Sweden- a competitive ICT market with huge potential

The Swedish opportunity
Sweden and particularly Stockholm has positioned itself as centre for innovation over the last couple of years, which makes it an attractive location for global companies looking for a hub for its Northern Europe operation. The environment is inspiring, however competition for business and talents is furious.

How to navigate in a competitive market
Getting access to client decision makers is challenging, as preference is given to existing vendors through established networks. A sales strategy powered by an effective sales team will shorten the lead time to first won deal, solid pipeline and ability to increase sales.

Actensa has on-hand experience developing and executing sales strategies, leveraging proven methods and tools which can be adopted to your specific needs. We can help you map the competitive landscape and work the key stakeholders to position your offer. Our structured approach to sales will help you improve win rates and manage your business development costs

Reduce risk by interim management
When starting your market entry, you would like to control your spend and avoid fixed costs to ensure it will pay off. Recruiting local experienced staff with strong track records is difficult as solid deal closers are scarce and in high demand.

Staffing your key roles with interim managers from Actensa will provide you with flexibility and a jump start to test your offerings in real life.

Adapting your offering to Swedish conditions
Offerings will need to be adapted to local market to make them stand out in the crowd, but also packaged in a way that make them credible. From time to time, delivery models would need to be adjusted to meet the selection criteria of your clients. Being local and having the experience of how to adjust offerings will be key to your success.

Business Sweden and Actensa
Business Sweden act as your gateway and first point of contact for your market entry helping you in all kind of matters.

Actensa have the capabilities and experienced staff that can help you with business development.
Actensa consultants have a background of working as senior sales and management leaders at leading companies in the IT industry such as Accenture, DELL / EMC. IBM and HP. We have worked across all industries to help our clients maximize their sales and to grow their business.

  • We can help you analyze where the potential and the improvement areas of your company resides.
  • We use proven and tested tools and methodologies to provide you with facts to support your decision to pursue or not.
  • We are quick to ramp up and start delivering value, and will do our utmost to ensure your investment will pay off.