Assessment of digital resilience

This assessment will help you and your company to get an understanding of your organisations maturity and potential for improvement.

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Crisis comes as unpleasant surprise  

In the middle of a crisis there will be an extra pressure on leaders and specialists with unique competence in restore and recover critical business processes. By having plans and capabilities available for managing the same will build confidence and not the least reduced lead-time to normal operation.  Surveys indicates that organisations that have carried through their Digital Resilience homework are able to cut half of their down time by in being quick in assess severity and implement the applicable measures.  

The number of cyber threats and severe incidents seems to be ever increasing. Thus, the need to be able to respond to the same are more important than ever. The bad guys are never at rest and are well founded hence high stakes are at risk. Sad fact is 9 out of 10 incidents could have been avoided should proper planning and awareness been carried through. Unfortunately, the targets are predominately small and medium business. As they are perceived not having Digital Resilience capability fit for purpose.  

A few years ago (type 4-5 years), CIO’s biggest challenge was moving workloads to cloud computing. With the shift much has been better as poorly managed in-house services has been replaced by industrialized large scale data centers and services. The basics are put in place which gives you a relief and giving you a chance to be more proactive to build a solid Digital Resilience Guard fence. Have the resources available is great however true professional organisations are training and feed-back experience from PEN-tests.   

To help you identify your weaknesses we have put together an assessment. Fit for purpose for small and medium sized businesses in finance industry, however it is also applicable for all of you that have a large portion of your offer to end clients consisting of IT Services.