Change Leader Training for Blockchain

The goal of this training is to provide change leaders within your organisation the knowledge and skills to identify and qualify current business networks, functions and processes that can be digitally transformed through adoption of Blockchain technology. Our Change Leader training focuses on enhancing your knowledge in the following areas to achieve that goal.

  • Hype versus Reality
  • When and where to use Blockchain
  • When and where not to use Blockchain
  • Business networks, functions and processes suited to transformation by Blockchain
  • Current Blockchain adoption challenges
  • Functional assessment of industry capabilities
  • Exploration of relevant industry Blockchain implementations
  • Blockchain discovery exercise
  • How to get started with your next initiative

At Actensa we believe that digital transformation needs to be lead from all levels within an organisation. Our Blockchain training provides change leaders, from the executive group through to frontline staff, with the skills and knowledge to identify specific transformation opportunities within their business that can be realized with Blockchain.

To maximise value to your organisation, our training can be tailored to specific leadership groups within your organization. The training can be hosted at your premises or at a suitable offsite location.