Blockchain Evaluation Service

Actensa’s Blockchain Evaluation service helps organisations identify, qualify, prioritise and evaluate current business networks, functions and processes that can be digitally transformed through adoption of Blockchain technology.
The service begins with a collaborative workshop that discovers business challenges facing your organisation that have the potential to be transformed through adoption of Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology. We then prioritize the identified challenges according to key drivers both internal and external to your organisation. These drivers include:

  • Short and long-term strategy
  • Organisational structure and culture
  • Competitive environment
  • Regulatory environment

From here we select the top one, two or three (depending on scope) prioritized challenges and evaluate the feasibility of Blockchain to deliver tangible benefits in these areas.

To perform the evaluation, we utilise a 3-stage process that begins with consulting business stakeholders to define and document a current state baseline for the area of evaluation. In this stage we consider factors such as:

  • Business and customer expectations
  • Compliance and governance
  • Existing skills, knowledge and systems
  • Operational models
  • Current internal blockchain competency

In the second stage we develop a conceptual design for the transformed business area showing the desired future state. The conceptual design visualises and articulates:

  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Business models
  • New networks, functions and process flows
  • Integration points
  • Operating model

In the final stage of the evaluation we detail critical elements in the transformation from current to future state. These elements include:

  • Enablers
  • Constraints
  • Change Management
  • Getting started with Minimum Viable Product, Proof of Concept or Pilot approaches
  • Skills and knowledge gaps
  • Recommended next steps

The output of the evaluation is an executive summary presentation to key stakeholders and a detailed Evaluation Report.